Church mobilization

SWAR works with churches to sensitize, raise awareness, reduce stigma and educate about the effects of prostitution on our community and how to fight it. We also encourage the church to provide spiritual parenting to the women who attend their churches.  So far, we have provided two women with spiritual parents and also four women have received start-up capital from a local church.

Other women testify of being visited and supported by the local church.  One of the local churches we have been visiting has an interest of starting a rehabilitation program for prostituted women and we would like the church to get more involved in helping the women.  In this we would like to see a woman have a sense of belonging in the body of Christ and a place to fall back to after program.

We hope that this phase of the project will bring about an increase of churches actively working with women in prostitution as well as an increase of SWAR women getting involved in church ministries/church activities.

SWAR will work with five churches within our locality so that they can continue to build and encourage the women to be able to take the initiative to grow spiritually.

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