SWAR was fortunate to work with a local government hospital which has a women’s program focusing on HIV patients.  The staff of SWAR happened to discuss about the need to involve the SWAR HIV infected women in their program; and this program seeks to help women living with HIV have a nutritious feeding. For this reason, they started an agriculture project whereby the women plant food for sale and for home use. Right now ten of the women from our program are benefiting from this agricultural project. And SWAR as a program is working towards identifying land to rent for agriculture for women to grow food for sale and for consumption during the program cycle.

We have planted 2 acres of maize from a well-wisher’s land with a plan to sell all the produce and re invest the entire amount in the farming project.  We hope that by the end of the year SWAR will be able to start on a journey to being self-supporting.

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