Halfway house

HALFWAY-HOUSEThrough the years we have worked with prostituted women, we have observed that the women struggle staying in the same environment they were in before they joined the program. Many of them we have worked with in the past, expressed the desire to be rescued to a safe place where they can move forward without their old life sneaking back into their lives.

As a result, Halfway house was established to provide accommodation for women during the rehabilitation year at SWAR. So far the Halfway house has taken in twelve women who were alcoholic and had sexual addiction and have seen the big impact it made in the lives of these women.

Those who have had an opportunity of being in the Halfway house have shown spiritual gifts and are more devoted to God. We have seen this through their attendance to church and prayer groups. The time they have spent in the halfway house has kept them focused on the program without being interrupted by their old lives.

Ten women and their children are stay in the halfway house for one year during their one year rehabilitation program.