The project carries out night visits in bars, karaoke places, streets where the women prostitute themselves in order to sensitize them, befriend them and invite them to the SWAR center.

At the SWAR center, the women then go through an art therapy phase of the project which aims to restore dignity and self-esteem given the fact that during their time in prostitution among the women  who have gone through abuses by men and alcohol during their time in prostitution.

During the rehabilitation program,  women go through a 12 steps of recovery curriculum (using the recovery bible which contains the twelve steps in recovery and are based on alcoholics anonymous principles), receive one-on-one structured counseling and participate in daily devotions, all aiming at bringing about deeper healing in the lives of the women. This helps women to work on their addictions and to also know Christ as their savior.

The twelve steps in recovery curriculum uses profiles of people in the Bible that struggled with similar weaknesses and challenges in life. Working through the twelve steps of recovery , the women are helped to  start a process of healing, forgiveness and making amends with the people they have harmed  and those who have hurt them. It is a journey of recovery from alcohol, drugs, sexual addiction, quarreling, hatred, unforgiveness, witchcraft, stealing, and lying etc.

The rehabilitation phase of the project also aims at facilitating their reconciliation process, restore broken relationships between the women and their families, their children and their fathers and also reconcile them back into the community.  As a result of this activity, one of our previous women received startup capital from her maternal uncle. Women have also opted to go back and live with their families in the village. This has kept them away from the dangerous locations of Mbikko and also has enabled them to continue their growth in Christ and recovery. Our hope is that as a result of the rehabilitation program, the women who have been a part of SWAR will display Christ like character, experience true spiritual transformation and be reconciled with their families.

We reach out to twenty women who participate in the art therapy from which ten women are selected and they enter into the halfway house.  These ten women go through a one year rehabilitation program.  They then leave the halfway house for the next cycle of ten women.

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