Spiritual impact

All of our project activities are aimed at providing opportunities for women and children to reject or accept Jesus.

Through the night visits, we share the gospel to the women and we tell them of the opportunity they have in Jesus to transform their lives.

During the art therapy activities, we talk about scriptures aiming towards restoring self-esteem and also telling the women about the Jesus that can relieve them of their burdens.

During home visits, we encourage women, pray with them, share with them and through this we demonstrate God’s love. The project also uses a model of 12 steps of recovery which walks the women through recovery steps that emphasize the power of God and his ability to restore and change lives.

The 12 steps recovery model also talks about forgiveness, prayer and meditation and seeking to know God’s plan for their lives and are encouraged to go out and share the gospel with other people.

In addition, Sanyuka Women At risk works closely with the local church with the help of one of our staff, Cosmas who is on the leadership of the churches in our area. He has helped us influence so many pastors and church members, to get involved in helping the women.

Through the fellowships and church mobilization, women feel part of the body of Christ and also get an opportunity to be involved in Christ’s ministry.

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