Who we are

The Sanyuka Women At Risk (SWAR) was started in 2007 by Mary Zema with a vision of rehabilitating women living in prostitution, share the love of Christ to these women and their families as well as find long lasting solution to the same problem in Jinja and Buikwe Districts.

We are situated in Mbikko (Buikwe district), a semi urban township just outside of Jinja a town – about 80 km from Kampala, Uganda. Mbikko is one of the main stopovers in Uganda for long distance truck drivers who come with a lot of money with the aim of spending it on alcohol and women. It has also become well known for drugs, alcohol and most especially prostitution for women.

Every year, many young women and girls come to Jinja and Mbikko with the aim of making money for themselves in an honest way but unfortunately due to the lack of opportunities in the area, many women are unable to earn enough money to support themselves, and as a result they fall into the trap of prostitution.

Their vulnerability to falling into prostitution is heightened by the high number of bars and loose morals in the region; prostitution being one of the few ways women can earn a living. They find themselves forced, coerced and deceived into prostitution.

Since its inception, SWAR has worked alongside 45 women and their children to rehabilitate and integrate them back into their communities and families.

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